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1) Which are the main uses of Rust converter TF7?
Rust converter TF7 has a large application field, being appropriate for domestic and industrial use. May be used, for example, in industrial equipment, piping, ships, airplanes, railcars, vehicles in general, tools, agriculture equipment, gates, gratings, stoves, refrigerators, door and window frames, etc.

2) Rust converter TF7 may be used on which types of surfaces?
Rust converter TF7 may be used in any metal surface subject to corrosion (iron, steel, copper, zinc, etc.).

3) Rust converter TF7 may be applied in an already rusted surface?
Yes! Rust converter TF7 shall convert the rust eliminating the corrosion.

4) Is it necessary to clean, grind or blast the surface before applying Rust converter TF7?
The surface shall be free from loose residues. Oily surfaces shall be degreased before applying Rust converter TF7. A wire brush shall be used on surfaces that are already rusted for removing rust, paint and other loose residues.

5) How many layers of Rust converter TF7 should be applied?
Two coats of Rust converter TF7 are recommended. The second coat shall be applied after complete drying of the first one, which occurs within 30 to 60 minutes.

6) How should Rust converter TF7 be applied?
Rust converter TF7 may be applied with brush, roller or gun. Immersion of the part in the product may also be used when possible.

7) How long after application of Rust converter TF7 is it possible to apply finishing?
Two hours after the application of Rust converter TF7 the surface is ready for finishing.

8) How long does the surface resists without rust after application of Rust converter TF7?
At covered site, the surface protected with Rust converter TF7 shall resist oxidation for about one year. For appropriate treatment, it is recommended to treat the surface with paint, lacquer or another type of finishing, after treating with Rust converter TF7, which shall assure exceptional protection against rust and corrosion.

9) Should the Rust converter TF7 be diluted before application?
No. Rust converter TF7 is sold ready for use, just shake the product before using, waiting for ten minutes for evaporation of the vapor formed when shaking.

10) Is Rust converter TF7 toxic or flammable?
No! Rust converter TF7 is a non toxic and non flammable product.